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Our Journey

9 to 6 slavery, cities full of empty people, concrete jungle and meaningless smiles, frustrated with all these things we went on a journey which changed our life. Looking for a great escape and in pursuit of happiness,

we picked up our bags travelled for miles into unknown and to the remotest part,

what we found was our inner child and final answer to the riddle of our life.

We trekked for hours through the dense forest, 
just to taste the water from azure river.

We Climbed mountains just to see the other side, believe us guys world looks different from that height.

Rode motorcycles from coast to coast, chasing the sun, dodging all the potholes and we even hitch hiked with the unknown souls.


We didn’t even know where we were gonna stay for the night, sometimes we stayed at the lodge, sometimes at some villager’s home, there were times when we had to pitch our tents in middle of nowhere under the full moon sky.


We don’t have any itinerary, neither any plan, what we have is one rucksack and excitement in our heart.

Come and join us and we will create a new story and moments that will make you cry.

A story you are going to remember all of your life and which you gonna tell to your sleepless child.

I was in seventh grade when I first lost site of the ongoing monotony of life and took a plunge into the unknown. The question of the meaning of life started to bother me and soon I stopped going to school. Even after constant thrashing, I managed to stay out of school for a period of good 4 months until I was forced back to schooling to study about the laws of this perfect world. Following the herd, I soon…


I come across these questions a lot… Why do I climb? Why do I take my motorcycle and just ride? Why do I do those things which with the norm of the society will not abide? I climb, challenging myself to see those views that even my maximum heart rate can not defeat the adranaline I get. I ride, leaning my motorcycle to a point that I forget the difference between me and her and occasional pillion. I take extravagant…


Being the youngest and most pampered child of a Delhi based business class family, nobody opposed me when I said I wanted to do a job and not become a part of the family business. In a blink of the eye, my life was measured by, 9-5 in 4’*4′ cubicles, Gulping down mugs of tea around panic shaped deadlines. In a blink of the eye, my life was measured by, Endless flow of money out of an Armani wallet at…


  • Mohan

    February 13, 2019

    Hi folks, You are an awesome trio. Read your intros and some of the blogs. I can only say that we are all Eleutheromaniacs. By way of introduction, I am Mohan, born-bred-broughtup-basavangudi-bangalore, Currently, living and working in Singapore. A physician by profession working in a senior management role with a global med tech company (This does not matter to me at all). Avid reader, frequent traveller and globe trotter (in all humility). I am more behumbled by my travel experiences and am getting quieter by the day. More later….Adiose for now, Cheers.

    • Insane Traveller

      February 23, 2019

      Thanks a lot Mohan

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