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We would love to hear about your views on our blogs- any story it reminds you of, recommendations, suggestions, we are open to any and everything. If you want us to write about a particular thing, feel free to drop a mail and it will be done. We are always super excited to join new blogging campaigns or collaborate with travellers and brands. Due to avid travelling we are often in low or no connectivity zones and hence miss some mails. However, We make sure we send a reply to every mail we receive as soon as we get them. If you don’t get a reply from our side within a week, don’t think twice before dropping another mail.



We wish to collaborate with travel brands and tourism boards. We also would love to join a new or an ongoing blogging campaign. Drop us a mail if you wish for us to work with you. For other details, have a look at our work with us page.



When we quit our jobs to travel, we did not know what to do or how to earn the bread and butter necessary for sustaining dreams. all we knew was that we had to live in the mountains and go on travelling as far as we could. Learning everything the hard way, we figured how difficult it is for a layman to enter this niche. Just to make sure that our fellow travellers don’t give up on their passion just because they don’t know how to survive it, we decided to help our fellow insane travellers in every possible way we could. Drop us a mail regarding anything you wish to discuss about and we would be happy to help.

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  • JDV

    January 24, 2019


    Your blog contents are amazing. I love specially the poetry and prose. Hats’ off !!!
    By the way, do you organise trips, say Leh Ladakh for 6 days and 7 nights?
    Or any recommendations for Leh Ladakh travels for a female solo traveler?
    Thank you.

    • Insane Traveller

      February 23, 2019

      Hey, Thank you for your comment. If you want any information regarding ladakh trip, please visit

  • Manikanta varma

    November 16, 2018

    I do want to know best bikes for travelling in India

  • dhanvarsha

    June 27, 2018

    First of all thanks for posting this. I simply loved it..kind of consist of all the answers I was looking for.

    Can you please answer my question-…what would you suggest — a flight to leh and then bikes trips to Hanle , turk turk, tso morari (places not much vsiited by tourist) or a bike trip from manali to leh and the hiring a cab for nubra , pangong etc.
    I have 10 days that includes my journey from delhi so I am really short on time and cannot cover hanle , turk etc if I go with bike journey from manli to leh.. but I want to explore the hidden gems so please suggest me what i should do.?

    Hope you reply soon.

  • Brinda TN

    June 24, 2018

    I’m Brinda. I kind of jumped on to your blog from where i dunno. The videos looks so much a dream n the story feels so much a life. Coming to me, July 15th is my birthday and i’m this woman from when i was a child goes so dreamy and crazy about my birthday atleast a month before. Kind of, i get dreams of what dress to wear, colour, blah blah from june itself and u will see me talking about my birthday to every person i meet., just like how im doing to u now. Coming to the point, this june 1st, I woke up from a dream of travelling in a mountain all by myself. All i did was, went to my DH and told, I think i wanna do my first solo trip this bday and to a medical miracle, he told an yes and start looking , though he is really apprehensive now.

    Seeing your blog, is there any way i could get ur guidance or travel with u guys. More than for me, this would be a great challenge for you, coz i havnt dont much trekking in the himalayas, i dunno to bike either and I can be a lil silly too n crazy too, see, how out of no where i jump into this thought and messaging u.
    I wanna have a 1 week trip maximum, i’m leaving behind a baby boy, though he ll be taken care well without me and he is equally independent as me. i’m looking for some mountains, easy to moderate treks, some adventures, good stories, sleeping to stars and food for tummy.
    I dont own any blog but people tell me i make interesting content to read, i do feel bad claiming seeing urs but i will end up learning great with u.
    Let me know if u r up for this adventure so much as me. Ping me in my messenger, i ll share u my mail id n mobile number. ., .

    Nothing to claim, but this was my last trek,

    Lets see. Cheers

    • Insane Traveller

      June 26, 2018

      Thank you for a lovely comment. We will surely read your blogs and also will be in touch.

  • Dhvanil Sanghvi

    January 29, 2018

    Do you organize trips? Are there any programmes during summers?

    • Insane Traveller

      February 3, 2018

      Yes. We have our adventure partner which organize trips,, refer to them and they will help you in this.

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