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Our Vision

India is a potpourri of cultures and traditions. Travelling through this diverse country, people find themselves standing face to face with extravagant culture, picturesque scenery, mighty mountains, people living below poverty line, lack of education and medication and many such great and not so great situations. But trotting alongside its rivers and forest lines for 365 days of the year we figured that there are ways to serve and give back to the nature and the society in more than plenty of ways.

But as the age old saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall,” we plan to forge a community of responsible travellers.

Travellers who feel the same way we do and just want to pour themselves into bettering the land they travel through.


Short Term Goals

Every community or a state has its own share of unique challenges. We plan to reach out to local NGO’s and make documentaries. Our documentary will focus on the different issues that each region faces and how locals attempt to solve them. It will be intentionally designed to uncover the intricacies and on the ground realities of each region we go to by capturing meaningful discussions that will challenge viewers to think critically about what it means to truly make a difference.


Long Term Goals

We are not trying to open another NGO in our country, what we are trying is to support organizations that exist before we arrive, appreciate  support during our time there and will continue to do work long after we leave.

We wish to collaborate with these organisations and NGO’s to help us build a community of Ethical Travellers. Travellers not just from India but from all around the world who come to these regions to travel and tour. We wish to bring them in as volunteers to make them have a direct experience with what it like to live there and not just travel through the upper layer of tourism.