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Mohit Goswami



I was in seventh grade when I first lost sight of the ongoing monotony of life and took a plunge into the unknown. The question of the meaning of life started to bother me and soon I stopped going to school. Even after constant thrashing, I managed to stay out of school for a period of good 4 months until I was forced back to schooling to study the laws of this perfect world. Following the herd, I soon got lost in it. Completed school, got into IIT. My father hugged me so hard, it suffocated my dreams.

I graduated and started working in Bangalore but somehow, my filled pockets did not fill my heart. I thought the job is making me miserable so I switched between further jobs until it finally dawned on me that the problem wasn’t in the jobs, the problem is inside my head and my very being.

My curiosity got locked away in a forgotten trunk in the back of my mind and didn’t come into the limelight again until 2015. The same questions from childhood started bothering me again and I knew I couldn’t get any answers sitting in a cubicle all day.


So, I quit my job!


Left everything behind and started travelling without telling anyone. My whereabouts changed with the days and the questions in my head got even trickier and hence, I travelled further to get the answers I needed until I finally found myself.

Walked for hundreds of miles, trekked for thousands, rode bike through half the country, went to the remotest places of India, trotted through deserts and the mountains, fought a forest fire, had several injuries, studied people rather than books, got accustomed to cultures I didn’t even know exist.

I kept going. It has been more than one and a half years into this so-called adventure of a lifetime but the questions remain, the curiosity stronger and the unknown desire even more stagnant than ever.


Now, I am at a place in life that I feel grateful to have followed my heart. I could have never learned all this sitting behind a desk and following orders. Travelling is now my teacher, my syllabus, and my work.


You know what they say, ” Travel is life.” True indeed.


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