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Oshank Soni


Being the youngest and most pampered child of a Delhi based business class family, nobody opposed me when I said I wanted to do a job and not become a part of the family business.

In a blink of the eye, my life was measured by,

9-5 in 4’*4′ cubicles,

Gulping down mugs of tea around panic shaped deadlines.

In a blink of the eye, my life was measured by,

Endless flow of money out of an Armani wallet at the poshest clubs the city had to offer;

A city that was full of empty people who bought things they dint need, from money they dint have to impress people they dint like.

In a blink of the eye, my life was measured by one question, ‘Who am I and what do I want from my life?’

In a blink of the eye, my life was measured by existential crises and worst of all, REGRETS.

Looking desperately for a great escape and an opportunity to turn my life onto the road less taken, I packed my backpack and bought a ticket to a far off place.

In the blink of the eye, I knew where I belonged.

I belonged to the journey, whatever the destination maybe.

The short trip extended to some states which further extended to a couple of treks which stirred something inside me and I knew that I just woke up to the world and I had no intention of ever going back to sleep.

As soon as I reached home,

In a blink of the eye, I quit my job, sold my belongings, lied at home about a job in an Investment Banking firm in Bangalore which was in fact a position as a trek leader in a trekking organization.

Kissed my mom goodbye and set out to discover my soul and the meaning of this life that we so dearly cling to.

After backpacking across 26 Indian states, riding my bike over borders towards Bhutan and back, feeling breathless at 18,000 ft, jumping in frozen lakes and numerous other insane things,

My life is now measured in first steps on foreign soils and deep breaths in brand new seas.

My life is now measured in welcome signs, each stamped with a different town/city/country,

I constantly search for streets that don’t know the music of my meandering feet and rush to them to play my song.

I beg the universe to perfume me in the fragnance of far away lands and I promise to never wash my hair if it promises to stay.

My life is now measured in the places I haven’t yet been, short sleeps and long flights.

My life is now measured in unfamiliar voices teaching me new words to describe the dawn.

My life is now measured in unknown souls, a massive community of people from all over the world who all made the same decision of following dreams and overcoming fears.

We pack our bags, jump on a plane or hitch-hikes to far off places, and we STAY.

We understand that there is a difference between living and merely existing but there isn’t much difference between merely existing and dying.


So for that purpose, we choose to LIVE.

We LIVE because we EXIST,

We TRAVEL, therefore, WE ARE.

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