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 Since long, Ladakh has held every adventure lover by their gut. Be it riders, trekkers, backpackers or even tourists, everybody has dreamt of walking down the cold desert, slipping down the sand dunes of Nubra, camping at Pangong and stargazing in Tur-tuk. When in Ladakh, always expect the unexpected, you never know what the next curve on the road brings and be ready to be swarmed with Julley's everywhere you go. With warm people and cold climate, the snow-laden mountains

 And sometimes, just sometimes… your dreams come true, riding towards you.Somewhere between Leh and Manali  Just when I was about to give up on getting a ride from Karu to Manali, I decided to give it one last shot a few km away from Karu where riders usually stopped to give their ass a break and have a meal at this cozy little dhaba. I absolutely dreaded boarding any sort of public transport as the roads were bumpy and I am a

 Gone is the time when Ladakh was a hidden land travelled by just adventure junkies who got high on mountain fog. Tourism in Ladakh is at an all-time high and it is on every bucket list. Now, while mostly all the tourism is attracted to usual sites like Pangong Tso, Magnetic Hill, Khardungla (which are all jaw dropping beautiful) there is a part of Ladakh now many people know of. Apart that lies uncovered, tucked safely between the diaries of

 Like any travel lover, Ladakh has always been one of my favorite places to go to. Despite of the many times I have been to the land of Lamas, I always happen to end up on a road or a village or a lake that I have never been to before and I realize exactly why this land beckons me. I visit Ladakh every year, sometimes exploring its rugged roads with my metal horse, crossing all the high passes. riding

 With a backpack on my shoulder, I stood amidst the road, waiting for someone from whom I could get a ride as I chose not to take any other mode of transportation to reach Manali. I left from Leh in the morning where I spent my time housed by a beautiful Ladhaki family, in a hope of finding someone who could give me a lift. After walking for almost an hour with no sign of success, I started to get

  Traveling across the length and breadth of India will not cost you a fortune but hitch-hiking through this country will definitely help you earn some. Exploring this diverse land through hitch-hiking gives you an opportunity to absorb all the unique culture and the colors of the nation. Through the course of time, we have hitchhiked from north to south and east to west and so far the experience has left us more in love with the land than we ever

 The name “Spiti” means “the middle land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India. But Spiti is more than just what meets the name. One of the most unexplored destinations in Himachal Pradesh, Spiti is located at a very high altitude and is also considered as a desert mountain valley. The ice-topped mountains, the river that follows you like a shadow throughout the valley, the waterfalls and the Grey-blue skies, you can go on and on about the place but

 Spiti or the land of nomads is situated at 12,500 ft above the sea level in Himachal Pradesh (India)  and is often referred to Ladakh's little brother. But, with its barren land, snow-capped mountains, postcard valleys and glistening skies, it is worthy of more attention. Spiti is a visual delight for every peace seeker out there with prayer flags fluttering everywhere you see.We won't give you a list of things you should see when you explore the middle land, but

 Hitch-hiking is a fun and adventurous way to travel. It gives you some of the best memories and stories to share. But, it can also turn into a nightmare, especially in remote areas of India. We have hitch-hiked almost throughout all the states in India; from Leh to Karnataka, from Gujrat to Darjeeling.Over the good, the bad, the successful and the unsuccessful experiences of hitch-hiking, we jotted down five tips that are sure to get you a ride and an

 I bid farewell to the person who gave me a ride till Kaza from Mudh, shut the car door and waved him goodbye as I watched him drive away. I was again left stranded in the middle of the road looking forward to whatever the day had to unfold. I walked down the road for some 15 minutes before I spotted a café and found myself instantly craving for tea. As I sipped on the blissfully warm tea, I got

 We had to part ways from the next fork on the road just after a small dhaba. It had been some great couple of days with Shilpa and Tarun, my fellow Kaza explorers, and a beautiful memory. They picked up this tall guy with messy hair from Mudh and I managed to stick with them until now. Their next plan was to explore Losar while I had to return to Mudh to pick up my trekking gear as I had

 I was drowning in the dilemma of 'should I or should I not?' while I was sitting under the shade of a tree in the vast barren Spiti valley and waiting to test my luck. So here is how the story goes. It was 2 p.m. and I was sitting just outside Nako village with my backpack, besides the road that would have taken me to Kaza, if I had not missed my 12:30 bus. Voila! I did it again