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As passionate travellers, we made travel blogging our full-time job and now we wish to work closely with tourism boards and travel brands to help them connect with our community and to create a one-stop guide for our readers. Every post on Insane Traveller is curated from personal travel experiences that try to bring out the essence of spontaneous and offbeat travel. We are not just backpackers, bikers, trekkers or cyclists. We travel off-beat; without itineraries, bookings, and arrangements- and try to bring out that emotion in every post (whether written or visual) we create.

How can you work with Insane Travellers?

Here’s how we help connect our readers with the right travel destinations and brands:

  • Videos: We not just write about travel brands and destinations, we also make videos about them, creating a visual appeal for our viewers to give them a better understanding of the experience.
  • Digital and social media campaigns: We wish to collaborate with tourism board and travel brands to create engaging blogging and digital campaigns, showcasing destinations, accommodations and products to our readers in an experiential manner.

We also engage in :

  • FAM trips for Media and Bloggers
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Speaker at social media/travel events
  • Content and business strategies
  • Travel Writing

As professional bloggers, we charge a blogging fee in exchange of our expertise.

To collaborate with us, kindly drop a mail at


  • Nabil Bhatiya

    April 29, 2018

    I want to do my first hitchhike trip from Pune to Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, can you guys give any suggestions? I can vlog / blog the experiences for your site but would need a camera phone with good battery and gps. Will soon be on a 2 month’s resignation notice to my workplace and wish to commence the journey thereafter

    • Insane Traveller

      April 29, 2018

      Thank you for writing to us. For hitchhiking tips, read our blog “The Ultimate Guide to Hitchhike”. I would suggest if you are hitchhiking from India to Nepal, go from Sikkim area. In this way, you will be able to see more and It will be easy to get rides on that route. We would love to see your blog/ vlog but we cant provide you a camera phone.

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