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You on My Mind


Ohh, girl, What should I tell you and how should I explain that what I saw today almost took my breath away.

I wish you could see through my eyes the morning sunlight and birds flying high.

I saw rain sparkled breeze at dawn, hillock seeping into the roof of small humble homes.

I saw cloudless crystal blue sky.

I saw crescent moon beneath the passing clouds,

moon glowing like silver-gold fairies,

rain so soft and beautiful that it could revive a dead flower.

Oh, baby, I wish you were here today with me in my arms holding hands looking at the sunrise,

listening to my travelling stories which all I have, and now which has become a treasure of my eye.

You will laugh, You will cry, You will be shocked and mesmerized.

One day I will meet you again, One day I will make you listen,

that’s how I travelled this whole world with a backpack on my shoulder and you on my mind.


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