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wanted on voyage, travel poem

Wanted on Voyage


A girl is staring into me with those blue eyes, sending me a message I fail to decode.

Are they inviting me to come closer?

If only I knew the answer nothing would hold me then…

I opened my eyes, the cold winds are blowing hard, the climb is getting difficult but wait,

I’m almost there. Am I too late?

Has my river found another mountain
and a cabin with horses, yaks, goats and a dog?

Hang on, I’m making my way through the fog and I won’t take too long.

I admit I’m a fellow high maintenance and analytical but still for her I rise beyond the reasons,

wit and logic having my heart unrest, calling my distress, I look up north a bit and some west.

She’s a rare soul and if wants to rain at all then she must without second thoughts do it with all the firepower,

I’m a man of the storm, won’t accept the shower.

Closing my eyes, drowning in my reverie, I imagined the water washing her scent from my chest,

mixing with the soil and fragrance of her hair everywhere.

And I was reading my favourite chapter from my favourite book, again.

I know the story feels incomplete, it was written in a hurry but so is our story.

I want more, but does she want the same?

The universe tells me I’ve found her and I don’t want to explore anymore;

because I know I’ve knocked on the right and my one and only door… Her.


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  • Kavya

    June 10, 2018

    Beautifully expressed

    • Insane Traveller

      June 12, 2018

      Thank you…

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